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London post facility goes with DK-Technologies metering

As part of the re-equipping its main 5.1 TV mix room, audio post-production facility Videosonics has installed a DK-Technologies MSD600M++ audio meter for monitoring stereo and surround-sound audio. Opened in December 1984 in Camden Town, London, Videosonics is one of the most advanced audio post companies in the UK. The facility features six mixing studios (including three THX film dubbing theaters), nine all-digital prep rooms (all with AMS AudioFile), a dedicated Foley studio and nine editorial/production rooms, and is now 100 percent equipped with DK-Technologies audio meters, with a Master Stereo Display (MSD) unit in every one of its studios.

Videosonics specializes in audio for film and television. Overhauling the main television mix room required surround metering to the latest technical standards. According to Dennis Weinreich, Videosonics managing director, “The MSD600M++ was the obvious choice because it has a very intuitive display, making it easy for engineers to see at a glance exactly what is happening to their stereo and surround-sound signals. We now have DK meters in every room because we believe they are quality products that are ultimately very effective and reliable.”

The DK-Technologies MSD600M++ stereo and surround-sound meter is a modular, multichannel audio analyzer that accepts up to 32 input channels and has four configurable input slots and four output slots. Its primary tools include a phase meter, audio vector oscilloscope and PPM/VU level meter. The energy content of all channels is easily recognizable on the display, with phase errors in individual vectors highlighted. All surround formats are supported, including 4.0, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1.

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