Lectrosonics wireless on Ricky Martin tour

When it comes to Latin pop, few artists have enjoyed the level of international acclaim experienced by Ricky Martin. Currently touring major markets in the United States, Martin’s group relies on Lectrosonics wireless gear for its reliability in even the most RF-cluttered major venues.

Monitor engineer Raphael Alkins, in collaboration with guitar tech Tim Wright, chose the Lectrosonics IS400 wireless belt-pack instrument system for use with the band’s guitarists. Sound quality is, of course, a huge issue with any wireless system, but particularly for guitars. Because the IS400 does not use a compander, musicality is preserved in critical applications like acoustic guitars with electric pickups.

The other major factor in wireless performance is dropout-free performance, which is particularly problematic on the “Life” tour stage. A curtain of LED lights wraps around the performers, causing interference for conventional systems. In addition, frequency availability can be a major problem. But, according to Alkins, the IS400 has been more than a match for all the challenges associated with a major tour like Ricky Martin.

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