Leader Instruments enhances VidChecker, VidFixer

Leader Instruments has announcements enhancements to its VidChecker and VidFixer broadcast media file analysis and repair systems.

New features introduced with VidChecker V5.0 include two to four times faster processing, post-process re-encoding, advanced MXF metadata checking, automatic aggregation of multiple video alerts, API additions, batch deletion of old test tasks, user-configurable PDF reports and support for Dolby E surround sound in MOV (as well as MXF).

Additional enhancements include Apple iTunes compatibility testing; support for JPEG 2000 decode and re-encoding; and the ability to integrate directly with Telestream's Vantage file transcoder, Amberfins iCR, Root6's ContentAgent, DVS' Venice server, Envivio's OnDemand 4Caster and the SuitcaseTV range of systems.

The new updates are also incorporated into VideoFixer V5.0, which offers the same functions as VidChecker V5.0 as well as an integral transcoder allowing output in a user-selectable alternative to the source file format.

Both units not only check but correct the most common problems in file-based content, ensuring that clips, interstitials and complete programs are immediately ready for post-production or transmission. Automated correction is applied to the video and audio levels. Multiple audio tracks, each with up to eight channels, can be checked in just one pass. Audio levels are automatically corrected to ITU-R 1770-2, ATSC A/85 and EBU R-128 loundess recommendations, including EBU Tech 3341 windowing and gating modes.