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Lanterna Magica’s indexing service for video libraries

Television show producers, broadcasters and other companies with substantial video assets can now easily search and browse thousands of hours of material from any location in the world with the new Indexing Service from Lanterna Magica. They can also select and play specific clips and even e-mail clips to colleagues.

Customers of Lanterna Magica’s Indexing Service get started by sending their video archives to the company in any format. Skilled indexers then ingest and encode the material at any resolution and index it according to customer-specified business goals.

They can also suggest application-appropriate indexing schemes from high-level to fine shot-level indexing and make sure content descriptions are consistent throughout the entire library. The index can also incorporate closed-captions — a solution for productions in which text takes precedence over image, such as newscasts.

With the indexing complete, Lanterna Magica returns a ready-to-use video library and search engine. New material can be added at any time, and the entire library can be browsed and queried by date, TV series, person, location, action, emotion, and/or any other keyword from any Web-enabled computer.

Search results are returned instantly as thumbnail images that can be played right away and integrated into a new project or set aside for quick access at a later date. Shots can be marked in, marked out, and e-mailed to clients or colleagues who can play the material, read a description of it and e-mail back an order of the shots they want.

Producers can also choose to give their clients the ability to make searches themselves by opening up the library with or without password protection. Furthermore, commercials can be easily inserted before and after clips. This functionality allows marketers to reach their target audience more efficiently and thus create a new revenue stream opportunity.

Lanterna Magica’s Indexing Service is volume-based, allowing customers to choose the indexing plan that matches the size of their video archive and upgrade as their indexing needs grow.

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