Kramer introduces distribution amp

Kramer Electronics, the Israel-based global supplier of signal management products, has announced the introduction of the VM-100CA, a 1:10 distribution amplifier The VM-100CA is a one-box solution for component video and audio signal distribution systems such as in home theater applications or retail environments where one set of high quality input signals has to be sent to multiple displays or destinations. The unit accepts one component video signal along with one unbalanced stereo analog audio signal and one stereo S/PDIF digital audio signal. It provides correct buffering and isolation and distributes those signals to 10 identical outputs.

The VM-100CA is HDTV compatible and it has 450MHz high bandwidth performance to achieve the highest possible signal quality. It has audio level gain controls for the analog audio inputs and it has video Level (gain) and EQ (peaking) controls for the video signals ensuring good image quality even over long cable runs. It also has selectable input signal termination for the component video and S/PDIF audio signals. All input and output signal connectors on the VM-100CA are RCA connectors and it has input loop out connectors so the incoming signals can be looped to a local monitor. The unit is housed in a rugged 2RU standard rack mount and has a built-in worldwide power supply.

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