JustEdit introduces MXF support with vsnscenes

JustEdit has released a new module for the vsn range of broadcast automation solutions. This new vsnscenes will speed up ingest and content creation operation of TV channels operating with MXF compatible devices and software.

vsnscenes increases the MXF workflow speed by enabling direct browsing of proxies and marking of in and out points on the XDCAM disc using the proxy files. The selected high-resolution footage is automatically uploaded to the shared video servers for immediate availability to the entire network. It will soon be available for Panasonic's P2.

At NAB2006, JustEdit will showcase vsnscenes along with several new MXF-compatible versions of vsnrecpro, vsnnews, vsnautorec director and vsnnetsharer.

For more information, visit www.vsn-tv.com.

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