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JPEG2000 HD backhaul to become a reality

Broadcasters will soon have another alternative for backhaul of HD video as Norwegian technology developer T-VIPS has announced it will launch a JPEG2000-based IP video backhaul solution at NAB2006.

According to the company, which is promoting the TVG430 as one of the first JPEG2000 HD backhaul over IP solutions, the unit reduces the bit rate required of an HD-SDI signal from 1.485Gb/s to between 50Mb/s and 200Mb/s.

Unlike Discrete Cosine Transform, DCT, -based compression methods, such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and VC1, which encode using i-frames and motion vectors to build the frames in-between i-frames, JPEG2000 is wavelet-based and encodes each frame independently. This means that errors introduced through packet loss are not carried over to subsequent frames.

In addition, the wavelet compression method does not suffer from the visual blocking impairment of DCT-based standards and provides 10-bit resolution inherent in the HD-SDI format.

See T-VIPS at NAB2006 in booth C9544 or visit

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