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Integrated Microwave Technologies showcases Nucomm range booster at IBC2013

Integrated Microwave Technologies featured its Nucomm Range Booster Amplifier (RBA) last month at IBC2013.

The Nucomm RBA is designed to increase the transmission range of camera back and portable transmitters. It fits directly on the RF output of the Nucomm CamPac, RF Central microLite or Compact Portable Transmitter (CPTx), and boosts the power from 200mW to 1W.

The small, lightweight amplifier is powered by the camera battery via a D-Tap or P-Tap to a six-pin Lemo connector. It features RF 

auto detecting and transmitting, when an RF input is applied. When an RF input is not detected, the RBA automatically goes to standby, drawing less than 1W.

The Nucomm RBA also features an internal leveling loop, giving the unit a wide RF power input range while holding a constant output of 1W. The leveling loop coupled with the built-in digital pre-distortion feature keeps the adjacent channel spectral regrowth essentially the same as the transmitter being used.