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Genesis Networks provides FRANCE 24 with fiber backhaul links

FRANCE 24, a French 24-hour cable news network, is using the Genesis Networks fiber infrastructure to provide a permanent video link between FRANCE 24's U.S. news bureau at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the channel's Paris headquarters.

The French cable news operation is using the link for broadcast of North American news content to viewers in Europe. In addition, Genesis Networks is facilitating occasional-use transmissions of live news shots from Jerusalem and New York.

From the NYSE, the FRANCE 24 bureau is connected to the Genesis Networks point of presence (POP) in New York for delivery of news content to the FRANCE 24 headquarters. In addition to the video link, Genesis Networks is providing all required video and audio transmission hardware in New York and Paris; standards conversion from NTSC to PAL at the stock exchange; and 24/7 monitoring and technical support via its network operations center.

Genesis Networks also is providing a fiber link from JCS, a major Jerusalem-based production house, to the FRANCE 24 headquarters for delivery of occasional live feeds covering news from the Middle East. Genesis Networks also is delivering an occasional-use link for live studio shots originating from a production house in New York.

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