French national TF1 Group selects P2 camera systems for news

French private television broadcaster TF1 has selected Panasonic's P2 technology for a major upgrade to its news department’s camera systems.

The French broadcaster was looking to transition to a flexible camera solution that could record onto nonlinear media that would be easy to integrate into its editing workflow, said TF1 director of external production Lucien Setton.

The Panasonic’s P2 solid-state memory card format offered TF1 the ability to transfer stored footage quickly and give its journalists and editors quicker access to desired footage.

Panasonic's P2 technology is a recording system based on solid-state memory cards that store all video, audio and metadata. The P2 system is directly embedded in the camcorder, which is equipped with several memory slots. Audio and video data are then recorded on the cards using the MXF format, which allows integration into editing systems.

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