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FLDA lights Olbermann’s return to TV

Ferri Lighting Design & Associates has designed and installed the lighting for the ESPN2 talk show “Olbermann,” Keith Olbermann’s return to television, at the Times Square Studio in New York City. The lighting design was headed up by FLDA’s senior lighting designer Bruce Ferri.

FLDA has worked regularly for ESPN over the years, and recently concluded the 2013 U.S. Open telecasts for ESPN last month, which included a 100 percent outdoor LED lighting set. This year marked the fifth U.S. Open that FLDA has collaborated on with ESPN.

“The ESPN look is very familiar to us, and the talk show format needs to conform to this, as a complement to the talent, which in this case happens to be one of the more visible names in the industry,” said Bruce Ferri, senior lighting designer for FLDA.