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FairlightUS formed as independent distribution company

Steve Rance, a veteran of 25 years with Fairlight, has left the firm's Sydney headquarters to form FairlightUS, an independent distribution company servicing Fairlight clients in the United States and Canada. Effective immediately, FairlightUS assumes ownership of MediaGear, the previous Fairlight distributor in North America, retaining all sales and support staff in both California and New York.

The FairlightUS team includes Steve Rance, president; Phillipe Guichard, national sales manager; Michael Haprov, national technical support manager, and Michael Mueller, East Coast sales manager. Rance and Mueller will be based in the New York metro area. Guichard and Haprov will head the West Coast operation from company headquarters in Pasadena, CA.

Rance, who holds multiple patents in audio systems design, was an original developer of the Fairlight CMI. Guichard, Mueller and Haprov all share longtime associations with Fairlight in the United States market, having previously served with MediaGear and other distribution companies.

Commenting on the announcement, Fairlight CEO John Lancken noted that the company's new CC-1 technology provided the perfect circumstance for a new distribution partner in the United States and Canada. The new FairlightUS organization has assured a smooth transition of all client relationships and service from MediaGear.

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