Fairlight creates dedicated online plug-in forum

Fairlight has launched an online forum supporting its worldwide plug-in community. This will provide a place for users to exchange experiences, verify the integrity of various third party VST plug-ins and share the parameter flexi-maps of each plug-in to the physical controls of the DREAM surface.

In addition to the integrated Creamware Scope Fusion DSP platform, Fairlight has implemented the VST 2.3 standard in its DREAM family of audio finishing tools. As such, it opens up the possibility for thousands of plug-ins to be called up and used in a DREAM audio session. For example, most plugins in the popular VST compatible WAVES Diamond Bundle may be used with compatible DREAM systems.

The Fairlight forum is already up and running with customer experiences being shared, helping Fairlight users extract more creative value from their systems.

For more information, please visit http://www.fairlightau.com/forum/