EVS Production Platform at the heart of Winter Olympics

EVS has supplied solutions, consultants and support engineers to the coordination company, TOBO (Turin Olympic Broadcasting Organization), to the 80 on-site TV broadcasters. More than 200 XT and XT[2] systems and the new IP Director Suite will be used for production at the 15 event sites and at the heart of the IBC (International Broadcast Centre).

The central server supplied by EVS to TOBO will enable the record of more than 14 continuous video sources in parallel. These streams will be converted into thousands of SD clips and will be made available in real time to some 1500 operators, editors, producers and journalists working in the IBC. IP Director will offer a complete suite of tools for logging, content management and highlights editing. Acting as a centralized content storage facility IP Director provides for considerable improvements in terms of the quality and speed of production as well as content access.

For more information, visit www.evs.tv.

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