EVS offers simultaneous archiving with XFile

The latest software module of XFile further extends EVS' third party integration. It delivers IMX OP1a media files onto removable HDD during the feed record in the XT[2] video production server.

In studio production, this means that as soon as the recording process starts, the material is simultaneously ingested on the XT[2] server and transferred onto the station's shared storage. The XFile acts as a gateway to post production and is responsible for all copy and transfer requirements during ingest. As soon as the recording process starts, footage is instantly available for post-production either on EVS CleanEdit CE or Avid systems.

The process for OB production is similar to studio. The major difference is the transfer of media via removable hard disk drives (HDDs), rather than a direct transfer to the NLE's shared storage. The removable HDDs are then simply attached to either NLEs or the central storage back at the station.

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