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Evolution unveils flyaway control room

The Nexus is a transportable HD/SD production control room system.

Evolution Broadcast’s new Nexus broadcast production control system is a fully functioning production control room, directly mounted in a flyaway configuration. The Nexus product range includes: Director, Replay & Effects (RFX) and Engineer.

Nexus Director enables the show director to switch complex productions using two touch screens. With unique near-field split-screen vision monitoring, a custom control panel and a graphical user interface, the user controls advanced automation features to simplify complex transitions and video effects.

The Nexus RFX allows a single operator to deliver packaged replays complete with effects with 3rd party DDRs. Using custom control surfaces and software to simplify the record and replay process, the Nexus RFX is closely tied to the Nexus Director and the vision mixer to provide a full portfolio of automated effects to the operator.

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