Euphonix unveils new software and hardware

Euphonix is now making available software and hardware upgrades for both the Max Air (V1.4) and System 5-B (V2.8.1) on-air digital audio mixing systems.

The feature upgrades include live control surface module resynchronization, configurable aux sends, Image Video TSI-1000 integration, ergonomic improvements to the surface, and faster embedded processors.

New optional hardware upgrades were also announced and individual control surface modules can now be removed and reintroduced without the need to reboot and with no loss of audio. There is now a choice as to how many aux sends can be configured with a new option for 24 aux send busses instead of the original 16.

At IBC2005, Euphonix demonstrated Max Air and System 5-B on-air broadcast mixing systems both running new software versions, and the new System 5-MC controlling Nuendo, Pyramix and Pro Tools audio interfaces.

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