Essel Group, DISH TV select Scopus Video Networks

Essel Group and its Indian content provider DISH TV have selected Scopus Video Networks products to support the expansion of its channel offerings over its direct-to-home (DTH) platform.

DISH TV, with its flagship Zee TV channel, will use Scopus products to enhance its transponders' use and expand its DTH market share throughout the Indian subcontinent. India is beginning its transition to digital TV in which the number of digital subscribers is expected to grow tenfold within the next five years.

The deal brings to DISH TV's headend Scopus' line of products, including E-1200 encoders, IRD-2900 decoders, IVG-7100 intelligent video gateway (IVG) platforms, and network management system software. The Scopus IVG platform provides advanced video processing capabilities, including joint transrating, grooming and bit rate shaping.

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