ESPN Singapore brands channels with Miranda

Miranda's Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processor is in use at ESPN STAR Sports.

ESPN STAR Sports has installed 17 Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processors and seven Oxtel Series Imagestore master control switching and channel branding processors in an upgrade of its 16-channel transmission facility.

The Asian broadcaster is using the Kaleido-K2 systems for signal monitoring, and has integrated the Imagestore 2 processors into its master control operations for dynamic logo insertion and branding graphics during program broadcasts.

Operators at ESPN STAR Sports can use a mouse for all the Kaleido K-2’s key functions, such as selecting a window for large-scale viewing, instantly changing layouts, or for source selection.

The 32-input processor features robust design and provides a high-quality display that can support multiple video formats, including HD-SDI, SDI, composite, Y/C, RGB, PAL, analog HD and streaming video.

The Imagestore 2 processor provides the entire breadth of mixing and on-air graphics capabilities required for dynamic and engaging presentation. It includes video and audio mixing, clip playout, dual 3-D DVEs, animation/clock insertion and automated character generation.

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