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EGT DPI RateLock ensures pre-set bit rate for ads

EGT has unveiled the DPI RateLock, a video encoding feature that allows cable systems to define and lock in the bandwidth rate for their commercial spots to ensure the highest quality video performance.

The feature preserves the efficiency of the closed-loop multiplex and protects the quality of digitally inserted ads. Available now in the ENCORE product line, DPI RateLock offers operators a previously unavailable method to guarantee an available bit rate for their digital advertising and ensure premium video quality across all programs and advertisements.

EGT has developed a feature that supports downstream ad-insertion without affecting the video quality performance of the closed-loop encoding system. DPI RateLock ensures that whenever downstream ad-insertion is planned for one or more of the program streams in a multiplex, the system reserves a pre-set bit rate for the ads and accounts for that pre-set bit rate in the overall closed-loop encoding process.

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