Drawmer S3 stereo mastering compressor now shipping

TransAudio Group, the U.S. distributor for Drawmer, is now shipping the Drawmer's S3 stereo three-band optical 10-tube compressor. Designed by Ivor Drawmer as part of the company’s new Signature Series, the S3 brings the warmth of vintage quality mastering to mixdowns. The S3 is said to offer previously unattainable control and tonality over each of the three bands. Gain control at each stage offers precise spectral balancing for intricate adjustments.

The signal path consists of high performance input/output transformers, passive components and 10 tubes (eight ECC83 and two 12BH7) configured as a fully balanced Class A design. Because the LDRs (Light Dependent Resistors) in the opto-compressors are temperature sensitive, the S3 houses an 'electronic oven,' which provides and sustains the optimum LDR operating temperature, thereby maintaining calibration accuracy and improving performance. A front panel LED indicates temperature status. Large-scale VU meters can be switched to "Peak" mode for both gain and stereo balance to compensate for source material with a left/right imbalance or disproportionate processing.

For more information, please visit www.transaudiogroup.com and www.drawmerusa.com.