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Drastic Technologies adds features to 4KScope

Drastic Technologies has improved its signal analysis and measurement software, 4KScope, with the integration of several new features.

4KScope, a 4K software waveform, vectorscope, histogram and picture monitor, now features a raw data mode in hex or decimal, which presents any area of the image as YCbCr 8, YCbCr 10, RGB 8 or RGBA 10 pixel values, depending on the selected color space of the input. Also 8-bit source detection is now included, when running in 10 bits.

Zoom and pan features have been added to the picture view for close examination of specific portions of the video signal. Also, you can now zoom in to the vectorscope and waveform monitor luma views.

In addition to the existing AJA Kona 3G and Blackmagic DeckLink/Intensity support, Drastic has added AJA IO XT, BlueFish444 Epoch, and Blackmagic MiniRecorder/UltraStudio Express support.