Discovery selects Euphonix System 5-MC DAW controllers

Discovery Communications has purchased three 16-fader and one eight-fader Euphonix System 5-MCs for its in-house post-production facility in Silver Spring, MD. The Discovery Production Center, which is responsible for various post-production and media creation processes across multiplatform distribution media, specializes in sound design, post mixing and VO recording on a wide range of program types and applications. The System 5-MCs will be used for posting original programming, repackaging and language reversioning of Discovery programs.

“Even a simple renarration, in which we just replace the narrator, might mandate the creation of 16 or more auxiliary configurations of the program, so any system we use has to be able to be reconfigured quickly and easily,” said Mark Edmondson, manager of audio post-production services for discovery. “The Euphonix System 5-MC will allow us to take advantage of all the workstation offerings available — Logic, Nuendo, etc., as well as our workhorse Pro Tools systems — allowing us to create an environment in which the rerecording mixer or sound designer can use any platform.”

Because the Discovery Production Center runs a large Avid ISIS-Interplay environment, there are not only Pro Tools workstations, but also Pro Tools Media Station/Video Satellite Workstations running in every audio suite to work effectively off Discovery’s edit storage area network (SAN). The network’s Euphonix MC Pro systems have the ability to control all these applications with the versatility of the System 5-MC.

The driving force behind the System 5-MC is the Euphonix EuCon Ethernet protocol, offering simultaneous control of both multiple applications and multiple workstations. The control surface itself features 56 programmable SmartSwitches, eight touch-sensitive knobs for plug-in and VST instrument control and four touch-sensitive faders for accessing track levels and automation.

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