Danmarks Radio installs Miranda iControl

Danish national broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR) is to deploy the largest Miranda iControl facility monitoring and control system in Europe at DR-Byen. The new facility is based in Orestad, located just outside of Copenhagen. It will consolidate DR Radio, DR TV, DR Online and a concert hall, previously at 12 different addresses, and will be ready to go live in January 2007.

Miranda’s iControl will monitor four channels of television at DR-Byen and 35 services, including four FM radio channels and eight regional radio contribution sites, as well as multiple DAB and Web-based streams. iControl will focus on the processing and supervision of both incoming and outgoing transmission feeds, as well as health monitoring over TCP/IP of the infrastructure, including servers, routers, encoders and decoders.

The iControl system at DR-Byen is closely linked to Miranda’s Kaleido-K2 multi-image display system, and it interfaces with a large volume of Miranda signal processing and distribution systems.

For more information, visit www.miranda.com.