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Danish Broadcasting advances digital news, sports workflows

Danish Broadcasting (DR), which is in the midst of the latest of a digital conversion, is installing its third SGI InfiniteStorage TP9500 system to extend asset management capabilities throughout its Byen facility in Copenhagen.

When complete, the system, which was co-developed by SGI, Ardendo and DR, will allow the broadcaster’s asset management and archive system to handle workflow for television program production.

Designed by SGI and DR, the Byen facility is now a completely integrated all-digital sports and news production system, based on SGI Media Server for broadcast systems, SGI InfiniteStorage systems, SGI Origin family servers and SGI Data Migration Facility (DMF) software for the SGI and Ardendo-based archive system.

In addition to the SGI InfiniteStorage TP9500 system, SGI prime contractor deliverables include special software development by Silicon Graphics Broadcast Europe to support the entire workflow and the doubling of the central SGI server system from 12 CPU and 24 CPU systems to 24 and 48 CPU Systems, respectively.

SGI also will double network and Fibre Channel connections and extend disk capacity of the ingest buffer with an additional 500 hours, extend disk and tape capacity to handle 13,000 hours browse on-line and 13,000 hours of DVCPro50 raw material near-line, in dual copy.

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