Dalet announces new Openmedia Plugin suite

Dalet released the DaletPlus OnAir Plugin, one of several new products featured in the new Dalet OpenMedia Plugin Suite.

The DaletPlus OnAir Plugin module offers an open-standards approach for automated and live-assist playout of video, text and captions. Dalet OpenMedia OnAir plugs into the main OpenMedia system via MOS protocol.

The integration enables Dalet OpenMedia users to send rundown instructions as well as retrieve status information about the broadcast for the eRegie. Dalet OpenMedia OnAir automatically loads the player and communicates to the video server the playout sequence. Dalet OpenMedia OnAir can be integrated with a wide variety of studio devices including video servers, VTRs, teleprompters, character generators and still stores.

For more information, visit www.dalet.com.

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