Curious Software launches solution for traffic maps

Traffic map created with Curious Software's Traffic Flow.

Curious Software is using NAB2006 to showcase new Traffic Flow. It combines Traffic Producer and Map Presenter for the design, production and on-air presentation of traffic maps.

Traffic Producer targets Curious World Maps specifically at illustrating traffic reports. The simple template-driven user interface allows users to quickly focus on the area of interest, add storytelling details and create still or animated maps that are ready for air in a single click.

Traffic Producer features include drag and drop symbols that can be added to the map. The comprehensive street database can be searched quickly using street names and house numbers, street intersections or GPS. Animation is entirely automatic, created with wizards, and the final still or animated maps can be ready for air in seconds.

Map Presenter is an interactive playback system for the control room or studio. A full rundown of stills or animations can be imported from Traffic Producer, or built within the Map Presenter. Play through the rundown can be automatic, or can be programmed to wait for a cue from the presenter before continuing.

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