Crystal Vision to introduce Picturestore range at NAB2008

NAB2008 will see the launch of Crystal Vision’s new Picturestore range of products based on solid-state picture storage combined with optional keying and flash permanent storage. One of the products to be launched is the Multilogo logo keyer. This board provides storage for three layers of keying from four keyer sources with look-ahead preview for sophisticated transitions. Three-layer keying allows three stored still or moving graphics to be independently brought up from a multiport non-volatile solid-state store that can read and write multiple images at once. Audio features allow the addition of a stereo pair of AES audio.

Another product is the low-cost clip and sting store Clip N Key, a convenient way to add extra video sources to a switcher to enhance transitions. It allows a special clip or sting with optional associated key signal and audio to be played. Clip N Key can store 25s of moving HD video (15 seconds if it includes a key signal) or six times that length in SD.

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