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Crispin releases Digital Transfer Agent

Crispin has developed a Digital Transfer Agent (DTA), a fully automated interface that seamlessly moves content from third-party delivery systems to a video server in preparation for play-to-air.

Crispin’s DTA for Pathfire links third party content distribution and fully automated, on-air presentation. Utilizing Pathfire’s Digital Media Gateway (DMG), Server Connect and Automation Connect products, Crispin provides a seamless solution to automatically move programs to a video server and prepare them for air.

DTA periodically reviews the DMG server for new programs. Crispin issues commands via Automation Connect causing the DMG server to push the programs to Server Connect where they are transcoded and transferred to a video server. Metadata is simultaneously retrieved from the Pathfire DMG and written to Crispin’s AssetBase. The required programs now reside on the video server, assembled and complete with program segment timing data in Crispin automation, ready for play-to-air. DTA improves workflow by removing the need for manual segmenting of programs.

Personnel may generate media status reports to compare record orders with the programs that have been imported. Crispin's Dubber (media acquisition tool) may be used to QC and verify program timings if necessary. Re-feeds to the Pathfire DMG are detected and re-imported automatically, avoiding missed updates.

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