Crispin announces more server integration

Crispin has developed Advanced Media Protocol (AMP) control for the Grass Valley K2 server, which allows the automation to send commands via a conventional RS-422 serial link or via an Ethernet connection. IP control via the AMP protocol frees a serial port that can be used to control additional devices or interfaces. Crispin can now control all Grass Valley Profile, K2, M-Series, Turbo and digital news production products using this protocol. Crispin recently announced a series of new, pre-configured, entry-level equipment packages that combine its RapidPlayX software with the entire family of Grass Valley broadcast servers.

In a second announcement, Crispin will be integrating ArchiveManager with the new Omneon MediaGrid active storage system. Through an integrated database, ArchiveManager provides a clear view of video server and archive content for quick drag and drop asset transfers. The application clearly shows media object detail as well as transfer requests and status messages and allows automatic or on-demand look-up of clips.

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