Controlware launches new management software

Controlware user interface for NetSwitch.

New Controlware products at NAB2006 will include NetSwitch and EasySwitch management software for OpenBroadcast; TVG410 and TVG420 IP network access systems; and the ARS monitoring and analysis systems.

The OpenBroadcast software suite offers management, monitoring, scheduling, switching and billing solutions for media networks. NetSwitch and EasySwitch can be based on different technologies such as PDH, SDH, ATM, DTM or IP.

The TVG410 and TVG420 video gateways are product platforms that send broadcast-quality video via IP networks by adapting uncompressed or compressed formats to IP.

The Controlware ASI recording server/logger is a multiport DVB/ASI recorder and analyzer. Up to eight DVB/ASI streams can be recorded simultaneously onto a flexible and scalable RAID storage platform (up to 32TB).

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