Comtech AHA releases S2-compliant encoder/decoder

The DVB-S2 LDPC operates in either full duplex or half duplex modes
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Comtech AHA has released its low-density parity check code (LDPC) forward error correction (FEC) encoder/decoder core. It is compliant with the Digital Video Broadcast S2 standard (DVB-S2).

Capable of up to 100Mb/s data rate in an Altera Stratix II FPGA, the LDPC supports all codes, frame sizes, and modulation schemes set forth in the DVB-S2 specification.

Included with the LDPC core is an outer code module that lowers the error floor for greater system reliability. The DVB-S2 LDPC core implements an encoder with an interleaver, a decoder with a de-interleaver, and operates in either full duplex or half duplex modes.

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