Community Professional Loudspeakers reach 15 Years at Duke Point Ferry

I don’t know about you, but I’m pleased when equipment in my project studio withstands the coffee I inadvertently splash around my room. Community Professional Loudspeakers announced that the array they installed in 1997 at the Duke Point Ferry Terminal, located on Vancouver Island, has been withstanding the elements and providing uninterrupted service for 15 years.

Designed to broadcast from a single point to eliminate signal delays and echoes, the tower-mounted loudspeakers were also positioned to avoid audio spill in the direction of the residential areas on nearby Gabriola Island. The system was designed by Barry McKinnon of MC Squared System Design Group of Vancouver and installed by Don Crocker and the team at Victoria, BC-based Sound Source & Lightrix.

"Longevity is essential in applications like this,” says Crocker. “We may not get frequent refit business, but as a reference it's invaluable. We've had some amps fail due to lightning strikes, but the loudspeakers have worked perfectly since they were installed. Our reputation relies on the products we install and we know we can always depend on Community to meet specification and deliver industry-leading weather resistance and long-term reliability.”

Community Professional Loudspeakers has been in business since 1968. For more information, visit the company website,