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C-COR launches CableEdge hosted services for rapid deployment of network monitoring

C-COR has unveiled its latest product offering for network service providers that serve smaller and midsize systems with the launch of CableEdge Hosted Services. The new Web-hosted package offers key information, such as customer experience metrics for high-speed data and voice subscribers, from the CableEdge device monitoring platform while minimizing the upfront capital investment for hardware infrastructure. CableEdge Hosted Services is available today in Europe as well as North and South America.

CableEdge Hosted Services features the primary data and voice functionality of its non-hosted counterpart, including a wide assortment of bandwidth and network monitoring applications that can track activity in second-by-second intervals. The package includes C-COR's DataAssure, a combination of Access Service Assure and X-Ray Service Analyzer; VoiceAssure; and the Bandwidth Usage Reporter with expanded CableEdge functionality available later this year. The service also includes access to the C-COR global services team for on-site training as well as frequent analysis on network, device and bandwidth status.

C-COR's broadband capacity infrastructure, operational service support and array of management and delivery services for revenue-generating video can help build and maintain a sustainable, competitive network. CableEdge is part of C-COR's ServAssure family, which monitors the entire subscriber experience from the headend to the customer's home. ServAssure provides real-time and historical information about subscribers, devices and the overall network, helping to pinpoint network issues and reduce revenue loss.

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