Burk Technology ships ARC Plus broadcast facility remote control system

Burk Technology has announced that the ARC Plus broadcast facility remote control system is now shipping. Built on TCP/IP architecture, the Burk ARC Plus provides remote monitoring and control for one to 1024 sites. Broadcasters can access the system via software, Web browser, telephone or front panel, with site-to-site control allowing equipment management from any location. SNMP network management is built into Burk Technology’s AutoPilot Plus software to broaden the system’s monitoring and control capabilities.

Input channels can be added independently from command channels. Alarms can be assigned different priorities and directed to selective e-mail and dial-out lists, assuring that the proper personnel are notified of problems. Integrated transient protection and RFI resistance assures reliability in real-world, lightning-prone environments.

AutoPilot Plus software provides PC-based real-time monitoring, control and report generation with a customizable user interface. Drill-down and map-based displays provide dashboard-style summary reporting. For managing IT infrastructure and broadcast equipment side-by-side, the AutoPilot Plus Network Manager provides condition reporting for network PCs, servers, printers, hubs, etc., including SNMP devices.

For more information, visit www.burk.com/arcplus.