Broadway Systems debuts data analytics for cable TV at NAB2008

Broadway Systems will be showing a range of analysis, planning, traffic and sales tools at NAB2008.

Broadway Analytics is a reporting, data analytics and business intelligence system engineered specifically for the cable network industry that enables users to analyze data from Broadway Systems or to identify, integrate and analyze data across multiple business systems. Cable networks can make more informed decisions, take appropriate action and ultimately improve the yield from advertising assets.

Broadway's Sales Planning & Proposal software enables cable networks to more effectively manage the complexity associated with new sales inventory, changing advertising sales practices and increasingly stringent business management and control policies.

Broadway's integrated and real-time Stewardship system enables a cable network to more precisely and cost-effectively manage its delivery against client commitments with the goal of better satisfying obligations while maximizing advertising yields.

Broadway's Traffic & Billing software is fully integrated with sales, programming and reporting modules, enabling greater productivity for a cable network's ad sales operations team. Late changes, secondary events, multiple networks and complex deals are easily managed. Secondary events — including squeeze, DV, logo, CC and bugs — can be scheduled on the same log and exported for master control purposes.

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