British Royal Navy adds video contribution capability

The British Royal Navy has enhanced its fleet with new live digital broadcast systems for contribution of video for distribution to broadcast news operations.

Six British Royal Navy ships have been equipped with Livewire’s M-Link Voyager systems, and the rest of the fleet has been equipped with Livewire’s IP-Reporter. The Livewire Digital technology enables video footage to be delivered to the navy’s fleet HQ efficiently via satellite from midocean. The footage can then be distributed to news channels. The system also can be used for internal purposes, such as training.

The Livewire equipment has been used on HMS Ocean recently following several successful drug busts by the Royal Navy and its partners. Video footage from a $60 million drug bust in June was edited, compressed and transmitted back to base using M-Link’s protocols.

Livewire Digital’s IP-Reporter software runs on local PCs or laptops, turning them into news desks with a video reporting capability. The integrated top-and-tail nonlinear editing (NLE) allows the users to quick-edit the footage before filing it with the M-Link servers.

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