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Belden introduces Brilliance DigiTruck 179DT

Compared to standard mini RG-59/U type coaxes, the new DigiTruck 179DT weighs 60 percent less.

Belden CDT Electronics Division has added an RG-179 Type coaxial cable to its Brilliance line of broadcast cables.

The new Brilliance DigiTruck 179DT is a lightweight, precision video coaxial cable. It delivers high quality, reliable performance in analog, SDI, HDTV and AES/EBU digital audio transmissions.

The 179DT weighs 60 percent less and requires up to 40 percent less space. Standard mini RG-59/U type coaxes have a nominal outer diameter of 0.159in. The 179DT has a nominal OD of 0.1in.

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