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BBC Regional newsrooms adopt file-based workflow

BBC Regional newsrooms in Norwich, Newcastle, Hull, Leeds and Birmingham are now on air with an automation system using MOS-enabled reactive software operating on a standard IT-based architecture.

The new IBIS automation system integrates with Quantel sQ servers and via modular applications deliver seamless integration from journalist workstations to playout, including ingest control and media management.

Each BBC Regional newsroom operates in a similar fashion, broadcasting live news bulletins regularly throughout the day. The IBIS newsroom management applications provide each IBIS-equipped newsroom with the ability to react quickly and easily across the newsroom workflow: from ingest control to management of multiple versions and variants of news material, from essential automation assist function for gallery playout under MOS and/or manual control to manual or automated archive to tape.

The Media Hub is the center of each newsroom operation. IBIS ServerLoad allows the Media Hub to operate as the central ingest area whether material is arriving for the bulletin on tape, a line feed or OB output. ServerLoad’s manual and timer record functions are used to guarantee the successful ingest of all required material to the edit environment or, if necessary, ingest and then play straight to air. Essential news and sports material can be efficiently saved using IBIS Archive Manager to create an archive list. In BBC regions equipped with IBIS, archived material is stored on DVCam tape in a Flexicart. Newsroom staff can use IBIS ServerArchive to browse material on the Flexicart and then order clips to be restored onto the server. The IBIS newsroom asset management feature makes sure the metadata for the clips is made available throughout the system once the clip is restored.

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