BB King’s Blues Club switches to AKG mics and wireless

The new wireless systems and microphones energize performances for the blues chain’s Nashville location.

Lee Catoe, of TLC Engineering, relies on AKG wireless systems with the new MicroMic C 519 microphone for instruments; the new MicroMic C 518 and D 112 for the drums; the MicroMic C 520; and the new AKG D5 for vocals for the sound system at BB King’s Blues Club in Nashville.

“A big part of our show is about making that connection with the people you’re playing to. We chose the AKG MicroMic C 519 miniature microphones because the horn players like to come out into the crowd and dance around the club,” Catoe said. “They’re heavy-duty mics and they’re good and rugged for repetitive use.”

The club recently installed a collection of AKG MicroMic and WMS 40 PRO wireless microphones to complement its Harman-based system of JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers, Soundcraft mixing boards and dbx electronics already in place.

Catoe added three WMS 40 Flexx wireless systems using the new MicroMic C 519 miniature clip-on microphone for instruments, which are used by the three horn players in the house band.

Other new additions to the mic cabinet include the new MicroMic C 518 for the drums and MicroMic C 516 for miking speaker cabinets. Also on stage are the new AKG D5s for vocals and a D112 for the kick drum.

BB King’s is currently poised for tremendous growth. In addition to the BB King’s Blues Clubs in Nashville, Memphis and Los Angeles, another BB King’s is about to open in Orlando in late August, followed by one in Las Vegas in December and one in Chicago next summer.

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