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Axcera dual-use analog, digital transmitter debuts at NAB2005

The new Axcera DM8 card-based DTV modulator for 8-VSB can be used with the Innovator LX transmitter.

Axcera introduced its new Dual-Use analog/DTV transmitter at NAB2005.

At the heart of the Dual-Use transmitter is Axcera's new DM8 card-based DTV modulator for 8-VSB. The modulator plugs directly into Axcera's Innovator Series exciter chassis and offers DTV performance with digital linear and nonlinear pre-correction.

For Dual-Use operation, Axcera transmitters can be configured with both the DM8 DTV modulator card and an analog modulator card, allowing the broadcaster to switch between analog and DTV operation at the touch of a button, both locally and by remote control.

Dual-Use is available on all Axcera Innovator LX and Innovator HX transmitters.

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