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Atlas Sound racks gain NEBS seismic certification

Fully compliant with NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) guidelines, the new seismic-certified 700 Series racks from Atlas Sound are now shipping in popular 35RU to 44RU configurations. Ideally suited for use in seismic zones across the country, the new certified racks are built for single- and multibay applications requiring added weight capacity and depths extending to 36in.

Conducted on a shaker table, dynamic tests leading to the seismic certification of the 700 Series replicated the full force of an actual Zone 4 earthquake, which is comparable to an 8.0 on the Richter scale. Available now fitted with the new SBK700 brackets, the seismic-ready product group includes 25in deep models 735-25, 740-25 and 744-25 as well as models 744-30 and 744-36, which are 30in and 36in deep, respectively.

Using heavy 14-gauge frame construction, each seismic-ready 700 Series enclosure features multiformed and welded frame members, double-formed front and rear sections and vertical columns that interlock with both the cabinet top and base to provide higher load bearing strength. Mounting rail channel support members are multiformed for added interlocking support as well, while corner caster gussets are reinforced with 11-gauge CRS tube.

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