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ATD2 assumes control of FAR Audio monitor business

Belgian company ATD2 has announced their acquisition of the monitor speaker business from FAR Audio. FAR will continue to provide service in its other primary business area of acoustical consulting. The move has been characterized as strategic in nature, designed to guarantee a continuing high standard of customer satisfaction in both areas.

ATD2 will design, manufacture and sell digital active monitors under the FAR Active Monitor brand. The FAR monitors are considered high-end digital audio devices with excellent ergonomics and customer support. ATD2 will continue to provide the after-sales support for FAR products. In a forward-looking statement, chief technology officer Xavier Lambrecht of ATD2 has set company goals for FAR products that include unification of the sonic signature of the full product range along with improvement of the user experience through new software tools.

In a related move, ATD2 announced the addition of Laurence Matriche to the company’s commercial department. He will be in charge of the export sales.

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