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Ascent Media to design and build PBS network operations center

PBS has selected Ascent Media Systems & Technology Services to help design and build a state-of-the-art network operations center (NOC) in Springfield, VA. The center will serve as the new technical headquarters and centralized playout facility for PBS in November 2005.

The NOC will be designed around new technologies developed by PBS Enterprise Technology. It is currently being applied in the PBS ACE broadcast operation solution, a project also being implemented by Ascent Media at participating public television stations. The ACE project will utilize IT methodology to switch the distribution of most PBS programming from satellite to IP delivery. As most programs are not broadcast live, there is no general requirement for real-time streaming. This solution includes exception-based monitoring, remote trouble resolution, expanded IT networking systems as well as server and automation systems specifically designed for ACE.

Through its own ACE implementation, the center will originate all programming being distributed to public broadcasting facilities. PBS will also make ACE available to member stations that opt to be remotely monitored and serviced. The NOC also includes a system architecture that will integrate with the next generation interconnection system by streamlining the automation, monitoring, and control of IP-based content distribution and delivery systems.

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