Arabic-language satellite network streamlines news workflow

Springfield, VA-based Alhurra has improved the efficiency of its news workflow with deployment of Bitcentral’s Oasis and Précis systems

Alhurra, an Arabic-language satellite TV network in Springfield, VA, has deployed Bitcentral’s Oasis and Précis systems to improve its news workflow and make it easier to share and manage media assets between geographically separated locations.

Before adding the newsroom systems, Alhurra’s producers had limited access to content in different facilities. With the installation of Oasis in Springfield, VA, for use by the network’s news bureau in Dubai, UAE, Alhurra has a wide-area media asset management system that allows its users to manage large volumes of media, such as video, graphics, audio and text from one source.

Once media is registered within Oasis, an authorized journalist may edit it using a common desktop nonlinear editing system. With extensive categorization and rights management available, Alhurra’s producers can organize stories for distribution on a global scale.

Alhurra’s new Bitcentral Précis is being used to streamline the process of going to air and playout of video. With Précis, Alhurra can produce content for multiple platforms while reducing costs. Together the systems let Alhurra’s journalists worldwide create content for distribution via broadcast, online and mobile devices.