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AES names organizing committee for Barcelona convention

The European AES Pro Audio Expo & Convention will be at the Catalan Capital Barcelona May 28 – 31. This will be the first time the European convention will be in Spain. Eloi Battle and Luis Ortiz from the Universities of Barcelona and Madrid will chair the expo’s organizing committee.

The 118th committee members are:

  • Convention Chairs: Eloi Battle and Luis Ortiz Papers
  • Co-Chairs: Ben Bernfeld, Basilio Pueo and Alexandre Enrique
  • Workshop Co-Chairs: Alberto Gonzales and Javier Lopez
  • Tutorial Co-Chairs: Pep Agulló and Jóse Ramón Beltrán
  • Students Program Co-Chairs: Enric Guaus and Ulrike Schwarz
  • Technical Tours Chair: Xavier Serra
  • Facilities Chair: Suso Ramallo
  • Program Coordinator: Han Tendeloo
  • Organization AES Europe: Thierry Bergmans

The show will be held in the new Centre Convencions International Barcelona. Technical tours will include the Opera House and the giant football stadium of the FC Barcelona.

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