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Accom releases delay system for live broadcasts

Accom has unveiled the AirCleaner, a new digital video and audio delay system for live-to-air broadcasts in HD and SD. Featuring a built-in defocus engine and an array of operating modes including dual-operator screening for extra security, AirCleaner is a versatile and economical solution for dealing with inappropriate content during live broadcasts.

AirCleaner’s architecture allows it to be operated as a traditional delay box. It can be configured as dual delay lines connected in series and controlled by two operators for ultimate security. In this mode, the second operator receives the video with an additional delay, and can intervene if the first operator misses an incident. Operators can pre-program a variety of responses to be triggered when intervention is required. Five distinct operational modes provide the ability to defocus video, or switch to an external video source or internally generated black.

For audio editing, it provides adjustable audio tones, and can switch to an auxiliary input or be muted. In all operating modes, video and audio can be controlled independently, with adjustable delay to correct for video/audio sync errors.

AirCleaner’s AutoClean function automatically allows for the time an operator takes to react to an incident by adding a buffer from the moment the operator presses the button, ensuring that the beginning of an incident is masked, without increasing the overall delay.

Housed in a 1RU chassis with a front panel LCD screen for easy operation and setup, AirCleaner accepts HD or SD video and up to eight channels of AES/EBU audio.

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