A Secret to Tangle-Free Cables

Ever pulled a 20-foot mic cable out of your kit, removed the tie, and shook out the coil only to find it full of tangles? Here's a method that's guaranteed to allow you to quickly and reliably deploy a mic or power cable, time after time, without loops, knots, or tangles.

The trick is simple. Seize both connectors side-by-side in one hand when coiling the cable before putting it away and also when readying it for use. Dropping the coil loop first while maintaining a grip on both ends prevents a free end from slipping thru the coil and the series of knots that are the otherwise unavoidable result.

When dealing with longer cables, where over and under loops remain essential for easy deployment, you can avoid tangles by making it a practice to always coil and uncoil the same way. If you begin coiling when holding the end of the cable that has the cable tie, then it is a simple matter to remember to hold the tie and pay out the other end first when uncoiling. This method also leaves you ready to easily secure surplus cable since the tie is already close at hand.