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360 Systems launches new workstations

User interface for 360 Systems Remote Workstation.

360 Systems has introduced a new Remote Workstation Interface that allows TV stations to establish dedicated workstations around a facility.

Designed for use with the company’s Image Server 2000, it allows any of the server’s operational features to be controlled from a distance over Ethernet. With a single server, individual workstations can be created to perform ingest, trimming, file-management, playlist building, play-to-air, or any combination of tasks.

A remote workstation requires only a Windows XP computer and monitor, and an Ethernet connection to an Image Server 2000. A special CD-ROM from 360 Systems loads application programs, which create graphical user interfaces to control Image Server functions. The GUI presented on the remote PC closely resembles the familiar screens of the Image Server’s local monitor.

A single Remote Workstation can be switched among many Image Servers, allowing the user to perform many tasks from a single location. The Remote Workstation Interface can be used with all new or existing Image Server 2000s.

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