2007 IPTV infrastructure to grow significantly

Spending on IPTV network infrastructure will grow by more than 75 percent next year, according to a new survey.

Service providers also will significantly increase investment in customer service, other IP-based services and their digital content offerings next year, according to a poll of 200 decision makers in the telecom, cable and satellite industries by customer management software and service provider Amdocs.

According to the survey, spending on network infrastructure will increase significantly next year for IPTV (up 77 percent), digital TV (up 81 percent), video content (up 71 percent) and VoIP (up 76 percent).

The survey also found that nearly 67 percent of respondents plan to increase spending on customer service enhancements next year, with the average size of increased spending being 31 percent.

For more information, visit: www.amdocs.com/2007Survey.